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who we are

Theakston Environmental is a Canadian company offering unique consulting services as experts in predicting and controlling the natural environment. We provide microclimate services to both private and public sectors across Canada, the United States, and abroad.

Theakston Environmental provides you, the client, with practical, cost effective solutions at the planning stage or upon realization of an existing or potential problem. We use modern methods including physical model analysis and computational analysis to provide accurate, detailed results.

What we do

The scope of our studies has evolved to include wind pressure analysis, numerical and physical exhaust gas dispersion, pedestrian level wind velocity studies, snow accumulation studies, sun/shade studies, force balance analysis, and particulate dispersion modeling

An open channel water flume is one method used to conduct modular analysis. Water simulates the flow characteristics of wind allowing detailed evaluation of anticipated microclimatic conditions for the site. The results are superior where visual examination or quantitative analysis are advantageous in decision making.

The Team

Stephen Pollock



Michael Blondé

Information Technologist


Julia Ferguson

Administrative Assistant


Calvin Gagnon

Senior Engineer


David Kankainen

Testing Technician

Paul Kankainen

Chief Engineer


Nicole Murrell

Staff Engineer


Chris Quinke

Senior Scientist


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