Sun/Shade Studies

Power of the Sun
The maximization of sunlight is becoming an increasingly important environmental consideration in urban planning. The evaluation of shadows cast by tall buildings in urban areas is required in many municipalities and is often included in guidelines established by City Planning and Development Departments. Most urban developments have established minimum sun penetration criteria for sidewalks, parks and recreation areas.

The laboratory at Theakston Environmental contains a specially designed Heliodon. A powerful parallel light source illuminates the model, creating shadows that are photographed for analysis. The Heliodon includes a 24-hour clock turntable so that the angle of the sun can be adjusted to simulate any geographic location, time of day, and season.

The model is photographed under lighted conditions and the photographic record indicates the time of day, day of the
month, and month of the year for all hours of daylight. These photographs from a sun/shade study using the Heliodon provide an excellent indication of the location and duration of the shadows for the existing and proposed scenarios. Theakston Environmental also conducts computer generated analyses for the required sun/shade information when digital information for the site is available.

Model of College Park on March 21 at 12:18 PM

Model of the Seattle Mariners Safeco Field on July 1 at 6:00 PM